The Rocket – Fred Eaglesmith

Son, could you help me on this platform?
I’m not so good at climbing stairs
I brought me a drink and some sandwiches
I want to just sit and watch the trains

I come down here almost every Sunday
My grandkids, they used to come too
Now they drop me off at the front gate
I guess that they got better things to do

Number 47 she’s a good one
Number 63 sings like a bird
Number 29, that’s the one they call The Rocket
Hey, that’s the saddest train I ever heard

Son, I’m decorated veteran
I fought in what they called the Great War
I used to believe in everything it stood for
I don’t believe in much anymore

Son, you look just like my boy
He stood here almost 40 years today
He looked so good in that brand new soldier’s uniform
But that Rocket never brought him back again