Sudden Creek – Marghi Allen

Sudden Creek keeps on risin’
Texas storm, blowin’ hard
Sudden Creek is so suprisin’
I was dry as a bone a minute ago, and I let down my guard.

Oh I drove through Texas to the Kerrville Folk Festival,
I pitched me a tent and canopy.
Oh the days were hot as hell, but sweet night cast it’s spell,
And hell no I did not want to leave.

Oh day after day the air was still and dry,
Not a cloud in the sky.
Folks kept sayin’ dude, “You know you’re camped on Sudden Creek?”
I never thought to ask them, “Why?” (Do you call it that?)


Then out of the south I heard the thunder roar,
It made me feel so small and weak.
Oh the wind rose up and it began to pour,
I found out why they call it Sudden Creek.

Oh lightning was crashing all around,
And the water rushed around my feet.
I jumped on my raft, which was my blow-up bed,
When the wind blew away my canopy.


I thought, “Man oh man, oh please don’t let me die
Out here in this Texas flood.
Bring out the sun, and let it dry.
Please don’t bury me here in this mud.”

Then suddenly the sun came out
And a triple rainbow appeared,
Oh all the Kerrverts began to dance and shout,
I swear Texas weather sure is weird.