Freak! – Chuck Miller

I’m so fake
in my interviews,
Always lie,
to protect the truth
You don’t know
Anything about me
I’m not crazy
Im just like you

I used to live in your world
But now I’m here, actin’ crazy
You think I’m lyin’
and I probably am
But you just don’t know
Who I am

I’m not a freak, but I play one on TV
I’m not a freak, I’m as normal as can be
I’m not a freak, Though I may seem to be
You just don’t know
The real me

I show up drunk
When I go onstage
I take drugs
To act this way
I smoke pot
Then start to play
You don’t know me
But I’m not this way

Copyright ©1996 CHUCK MILLER. All Rights Reserved.