F You Big Circle – Chuck Miller

Sittin’ out in Kerrville
Singing some tunes
Havin’ a good time
Just playin’ the blues.
People come around
And sit down for a bit,
Next thing you know, well
I can’t play my, ..shhh!

F you big circle
Your wastin’ my time
F you big circle cuz
Now I’m waitin’ in line
F you big circle
I’m leavin’ you this time
Gone start another circle
And leave you all behind!

I heard everybody sing
They made me laugh and cry
Playin’ my songs to Ben
He blew that harp up high
Now it would only take five minutes
For my turn to come around
I wish it could always be this way
Singing in the round!


Come on out to Kerrville
To the Energy Tree,
Have yourself a sit
Or quietly take a knee
You’ll find my little circle
Is the place to be.
You can bring your guitar,
But leave the singing to me! SHHH!


Copyright ©KFF Day 8, 2012 CHUCK MILLER. All Rights Reserved.