Chuck Miller - ©CHUCK MILLER

Chuck Miller is an entrepreneur, inventor, graphic designer, photographer, producer, marketing guru and musician. He has worked with some of the largest retailers, brands and industry professionals to create memorable and award-winning commercials, print advertising, and promotions.

Chuck graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Radio-Television-Film, and has worked in the creative sector for 25+ years, including working for ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Academy Award-winning director, Steven Soderbergh, two-time Emmy Award-winning director Paul Boyington, and has won 5 Telly Awards throughout his career as a television commercial producer. Commercial clients include Shell, Walmart, AMD, HP, LiveSTRONG, American Red Cross, Baylor University, Chick-fil-A, Merry Maids and more.

As an entrepreneur, Chuck has successfully taken products to market, and continues to build his portfolio of inventions to 25+. He has helped many new start-up companies as a Freelance Marketing Consultant, and continues to help others imagine, create and explore their exciting future.

Today, Chuck’s creativity spans many mediums, including shooting, directing, editing, and producing filmed entertainment, website design, professional photography, print layout, advertising, and graphic design. 


Recent Work

The Creative Director and Graphic Designer for Kerrville Folk Festival, Graphic Designer for the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance, Web Designer for NASA’s Third Rock Radio. Client presentations for 7-11, Boston Marathon, Bud Light, Chrysler, General Motors, Ford, Target, Fox News, The Grammys, Hooters, Jagermeister, Lone Star Beer, Halliburton, Madison Square Garden, Metallica, Bumbershoot Festival, SXSW, Outside Lands Arts Festival, BevMo, Hallmark, Patron Tequila, Rebecca Creek Whiskey, Southwest Folk Alliance, Rice University, Pura Vida Tequila, Spec’s Liquor, Fair Trade Realty, Horns Connect, RFC Media, Republican National Convention, Shiner Beer, Titos Vodka, and Whataburger.

Chuck was born in San Antonio, Texas some odd years ago. He moved around a bit growing up, living in Houston, Korea, London, and Kansas City. After graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in Radio-Television-Film, he has moved to Los Angeles and Sioux City, and most recently resides in Austin, Texas. Chuck enjoys traveling, photography, playing the piano, shooting pool, Texas, and singing and playing his 12-string guitar. The 18 day Kerrville Folk Festival is the newest impact on his life, which he claims he will attend for the rest of his days. Chuck also enjoys doing an impersonation of Christopher Walken, which you should ask him to do.